PT Gunanusa Eramandiri
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PT Gunanusa Eramandiri
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Started from a humble beginning in 1994, PT. Gunanusa Eramandiri, founded by Mr. Gunawan Tjokro, has focused its business on manufacturing quality peanuts product in a 1000 M2 plant. Within almost two decades we have produce more product maintaining our focus on Nuts category adding cashew, almond and hazelnut to our list having total of 3 plants to facilitate our production with total of 14,885 M2 of space.

Our growth has fully dependent on our commitment on product quality as our first priority in making all decisions. Within the past 7 years we have fully focused on developing our technology and system to improve quality values adopting a vision:

To be the preferred manufacturer of nuts having the best quality and competitive price in Southeast Asia.